A Life Worthy of the Calling

By: Kristen L. McNulty

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Whether you're a high school student, in college, or maybe even in the workplace, there is a temptation that is common to us all. That temptation is to live a life of less than what God wants of us.

In the book of Ephesians Paul writes "Therefore I, a prisoner for serving the Lord, beg you to lead a life worthy of your calling, for you have been called by God." Sometimes in the busyness of life, this calling tends to get drowned out by other things that are also calling for our attention: our friends, our family, the media, the lifestyles we lead, or even just the reality of life. However as Christians, we cannot forget that any other role that we carry comes secondary to our role in God's kingdom.

I'll use my own life as an example. I have many labels that could be put on my life: daughter, sister, niece, friend, student, employee, ministry leader, radio host, neighbor, writer, but above all of those labels must first come my label in Christ. You see, when we put our calling as a believer first, that defines everything else and that is the only calling that can do that properly.

It's also only by putting our calling as believers first that we can live free from the conflict that so many believers struggle with. Let's say that your friends want you to race with the guy in the lane next to you once the light turns green. If you're acting out your calling as a friend, you'll probably do what they want and not only end up breaking the law, but find yourself in a potentially dangerous situation. However, if you put your calling as a believer before your calling as a friend, not only will you know what the right thing to do is, but your friendships will benefit as a result.

For many years I didn't think this was possible and often felt although I was always the "downer" on the party because I wanted to do what was right and be responsible. But after a few years I found out that although I wasn't the life of the party, I was considered to be a better friend than those who were. Because really those who are the life of the party may be fun at the moment, but they aren't usually the same ones who stand by your side when life doesn't serve up a party.

This is just one example of many. When we put our calling as a follower of Christ first, we really do live out our other callings better. Not only as friends, but as sons and daughters, employees, neighbors, students, and everything else in between. We also know that when we live a life that is worthy of the calling from God, we please Him. When we willingly chose to sell out continously to something we know is wrong, do you think that God is happy with that? No. He saved us and gave us an amazing gift of love and life, so when we mess with that, yes He's going to be disappointed.

It's the equivalent of someone who is given a Ferrari who instead trades it for a Ford- both cars may run, but they are no way equal in value or quality. We are God's chosen children and knowing that, it has to change the way we live. If it doesn't, then all we're doing is bringing more conflict and heartache into our own lives, plus we're cheapening the gift that God gave.

So today, those of you who are leading a life worthy of your calling, let me encourage you- it isn't always easy, but we know that it's a life that God rewards. In the book of Hebrews, chapter eleven, it says that God rewards those who earnestly seek Him and living a life worthy of the calling is one way that we do that.

For those of you who haven't yet embarked on this journey, let me encourage you to start today. One of the greatest lies that is fed to us is that we have a lot of time ahead of us to make things right, but this isn't always true and even if it is, why should we waste the time we do have with things we deep down know are wrong? So live a life worthy of the calling.

So what does living a life worthy of the calling mean?
It means telling the truth when a lie looks so much easier
It means saying no when everything within you wants to say yes
It means standing up when you'd rather sit down
It means loving when you'd rather hate
It means giving God what you have and trusting Him for the rest
It means not compromising in your stance again sin
It means giving when it would be easier not to
It means choosing Christ, day by day, moment by moment, choice by choice, and breath by breath.
It means giving of ourselves to something beyond what the eye can see, but not beyond what the heart knows is true.
It means being like Christ.
Are you ready to live a life worthy of the calling?

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This devotional was aired as a part of the Making A Difference Christian Radio Show.