Who Is Jesus?

By: Kristen L. McNulty

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Over the course of my life I've heard many different answers to the question "Who Is Jesus?" Some believe He is a great moral teacher. Others believe He never existed and then there are those who believe that Jesus is the Son of God.

Ever since finding myself in the latter category when defining my belief about Jesus, I've found there are many conflicting reports about who Jesus actually is in His character. Many beliefs out there are twisted to suit purposes depending on who they come from. Some tele-evangilists would have us believe during yearly pledge drives that Jesus wants to bless us richly in a monetary way, but first we must give almost beyond our means as a test of faith. This makes Jesus out to be someone who plays games and gives conditionally. The protestor at the gay pride parade would have us believe that Jesus hates homosexuals and those who support the practice. Some of our church leaders would have us believe that Jesus is a certain way depending on their beliefs on Him. So I ask again who is Jesus?

But I'm afraid there is no easy way to answer that question for yourself. Reading a book or listening to another sermon won't do it because you'll only be presented with someone else's view again. The only way we are ever going to really know for ourselves is by reading and understanding His Word and by getting into a deeper relationship with Him.

I can tell you what I've found Him to be in my own life, but when it comes down to it, you must discover and decide that for yourself. Yes, there are things that can point us in the right direction, but Jesus' true character is only found by knowing Him and reading about Him in the direct source- the Holy Word of God.

Personally, I am on a journey to find out who Jesus really is and instead of reading another book on Him, I'm taking that journey through the Gospels and in those Gospels I am examining the character of Jesus and recording it. Those dreaded character sketches in English class are finally paying off.

Today, let me challenge you to take a journey to find out who Jesus is. Leave your previous impressions at the door and go through His Word and find Truth. Not only can you be surprised at what you find, but knowing His character will only help you increase your faith in Him.

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