Letting Go

By: Kristen L. McNulty

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Have you ever been in a situation where your back is against the wall and it seems like there’s no way out? You spend hours and hours trying to come up with solutions, but there doesn’t seem to be any?

I think most of us have experienced something like that in our lives. Where we are brought to a place where the only option we have is to let go and admit that we can’t get out of this mess on our own.

That’s not an easy thing to do. Human logic says for every problem there is a solution. Heavenly logic, on the other hand, says that sometimes we need to “let go and let God”.

So what does this letting go look like? It means spending time praying for a solution instead of trying to come up with schemes on our own. It means looking to God as our source of refuge, not anything in our hands like our time or our money or our logic. It means coming to the place where you can look towards heaven with hands raised and realize that often only God can see what we can’t and that He has only the best of intentions in mind.

When we come to that place where we’ve let go, sometimes solutions aren’t instant and we’re still left in a time of waiting, but a miracle still does happen. You see, it’s in this place that peace of Christ comes in and God comes to settle the heart of His child. Because when we’re busy trying to bail out the boat, all we’re looking at is the waves. However, when our eyes are on Christ, we see past the storm clouds and we see the sun is still shining, even behind the darkest of clouds.

So will you let go? Will you admit that you can’t hold it all together and you need a hand? If you’re ready to do that, offer your problem up to God. There’s no guarantee for an instant solution. But I can guarantee you that any solution God comes up with will always be in the right time, in the right place, and for the right reason.

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This devotional was aired as a part of the Making A Difference Christian Radio Show.