I'm Learning

By: Kristen L. McNulty

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On the third anniversary of my salvation I sat down and made a list of what God's been teaching me over these past three years. Tonight I've decided to share this list with you.
I'm learning...
-Money doesn't buy happiness. Some of the poorest people I know are happiest.
-When I make God priority #1, all other things all into proper order.
-The most important thing I can do for myself and the people around me is have a good relationship with God. All other relationships fall into place after that.
-I'll never regret a moment I've spent doing something for someone else, but I'll often regret moments doing things for myself.
-No one's ever regretted telling someone that they love them.
-I could never say I love you enough.
-Anger makes wounds that only love can heal.
-I've never prayed and after wished I did something else. I've often done something else and wished I would have prayed.
-Friends aren't always forever. Faith and family are the only two elements that remain after friction.
-It is never right to do wrong.
-When I look out to see the horizon of my future, the only thing I can see is a cross.
-Jesus is all that matters.
-Life without love is like summer without sun.
-Sin destroys where only God can heal.
-Life is the biggest test you could ever study for, but luckily for us: God's provided us with the open book option. It's our choice to take advantage of that or to go it alone.
-God may not require perfection, but He does require repentance.
-When all else fails and you try God, realize that you shouldn't have looked towards 'all else' first.
-God will never abandon you.
-When I have poured all myself out, I've just began to use God's resivor.
-I should never underestimate the power of God's Grace.
-In order to forgive someone, they don't have to be sorry.
-God isn't pushy. He'll only move if we allow Him to.
-The greatest blessing that I can ever receives is to be a part of leading someone to Christ.

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This devotional was aired as a part of the Making A Difference Christian Radio Show.