It's Up To You

By: Kristen L. McNulty

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One day a young woman was walking home from work when she saw a sight a little girl standing on the street corner, begging. The little girl's clothes were paper thin and dirty, her hair matted and unclean, and her cheeks red from the cold.

The young woman dropped a few coins in the begging bowl, gave the girl a smile and walked on. As she walked she started to feel guilty. How could she go home to her warm house with its full pantry and well supplied wardrobe while this little girl shivered on the street.

The young woman also began to feel angry, angry with God. She let her feeling be known in a prayer of protest. "God, how can you let these sort of things happen? Why don't you do something to help this girl?"

And then, to her surprise God answered. He said, "I did do something. I created you."

We don't have to look very far to see a situation such as the one mentioned. We also don't have to look further than a mirror to see what the solution to the situation is.

You may argue that you can't change the world and to some degree, I agree with you, but the point that I would like to make is that even though you may not be able to change the world, you can make a difference in the life of at least one person.

If you've been listening to this radio show for a while you know that MAD in our title stands for making a difference and I cannot encourage you enough to allow God to use you to be making a difference in the lives of those around you.

Maybe you won't be the next Billy Graham or Mother Teresa, maybe you will be. Regardless, you can do something. You can offer friendship. You can provide clothing. You can visit the sick. You can witness to the lost. You can make a difference.

In fact, I'd dare say that the only thing that can stop you from making a difference is you. God is with you. He created you to meet the needs of others, just as He created others to meet your needs. He is with you and will give you the strength, the time, and the ability to do whatever you need to do to be a servant to others. You are the only one who can stop that process from occuring- whether it's your fear, your lack of trust, or your attitude of not wanting to. But you can change that and you can be a part of God's work here on earth.

Jesus no longer physically walks this earth. That's why we as Christians are here- to be Jesus to those who desperatly need Him. The challenge I want to give to you is to allow yourself to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

To close off, I'd like to read a poem titled "It's Up To You":

One song can spark a moment
One flower can wake the dream
One tree can start a forest
One bird can herald spring
One smile begins a friendship
One handclap lifts a soul
One star can guide a ship at sea
One word can frame the goal
One vote can change a nation
One sunbeam lights a room
One candle wipes out darkness
One laugh will conquer gloom
One step must start each journey
One word must start each prayer
One hope will raise our spirits
One touch can show you care
One voice can speak with wisdom
One heart can know what's true
One life can make a difference
You see: It's up to you.

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This devotional was aired as a part of the Making A Difference Christian Radio Show.