History is in the Making

By: Kristen L. McNulty

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Matthew West, has a song called "History" and while I love the whole song, I'd really like to draw attention to the bridge. The lyrics go something like this:

Would you believe that you are history in the making?
Every choice that you are making
Every step that you are taking
Every chain that you are breaking
History is the making.
Every word that you saying
Every prayer that you praying
Every chain that you are breaking
History is in the making.
History is in the making.

You see each day we have we have choices to make and the choices that we do make effect history. The prayers that we pray, the time that we spend, the words that we speak... everything that we do has the power to change history.

Often when I think of changing history I think of huge events like the fall of the Berlin wall or the liberation of Europe and while those things are amazing, there's a lot more to history than that. History was defined by Noah Webster in 1828 as "a narrative of events in the order which they happened with their causes and effects." You see in order for something to be classified as history, it doesn't have to be a newsmaker. History is an event (or series of events) that has causes and effects.

So taking this back to our lives: everyday we have the power to make history with the choices that we make. And I think that all too often we don't make the best choices because we don't realize the power that our decisions have. Something as simple as saying a prayer can literally spark a chain of events that can change thousands of lives. It may not appear on the evening news, but that doesn't mean that it has any less of an impact. But how often do we truly realize this? How often do we let a day slide by without realizing the life-changing potential that exists just in those moments that were put together? How often do we pass someone by in need and not realize that our offer of help could literally change their world (and our world as well)?

In reality many of the decisions that we make (or don't make) have tremendous power. The simplest, most mundane decisions that we make are often the most powerful.

Let me share a story with you about one of those simple decisions: About seven years ago a girl named Ashley was in a grade nine and I'm sure that like most high school students she was struggling with insecurities and trying to fit in. But there was something different about Ashley- she knew the truth about Christ and wanted to share it with her friends. So Ashley made a simple decision- one day she stepped out and invited one of her friends out to youth group. The friend went and a few weeks later became a Christian. So then that friend made a simple decision to invite one of her friends to youth group, that friend came and soon she was also a believer. And she was so excited about her new faith she approached me and invited me to youth group and a few weeks later I committed my life to Christ. And soon my friends saw the change in me and I ended up inviting a few of them to youth group and yes, more people came to know the Lord. And the chain still continues. All because one girl named Ashley had the courage to make one small decision. Ashley is a history-maker.

Toady you also can be a history maker. And it all starts with the choices that you make. The decision to get up five minutes earlier to pray. The decision to stop and open the door for a stranger. The decision to bring your Mom flowers.h The decision to be like Jesus every day through every choice that you make.

And when this happens, foundations start shaking and history is in the making. Let's make history today.

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