Five Years and Running

By: Kristen L. McNulty

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So it's been five years since I went behind this microphone for the first time. So for our Impact Devotional I'd like to take a few minutes to take a look back and share my story. Not to glorify myself or this radio show, but to recognize what God has done.

When I was sixteen years old I became a Christian at an events called 2000 Acts. Shortly afterwards I became very much aware of the fact that God wanted me to do something eternal with my life, so I started to investigate different ministry opportunities.

Now before I go any further, I should explain one thing: I am a music freak. I can't sing or play an instrument, but I love music. So imagine my pleasant surprise when I discover that there's really all kinds of great Christian music out there. I listened to bands like Jars of Clay, Audio Adrenaline, Bleach, the OC Supertones, and I was completed hooked.

So fast forward to the summer of 2001. I inquired at the local Christian radio station, CHIM, to see if were possible to play more youth music on the air and was basically challenged: "if you'd like to change that, why don't you do something about it?"

Immediately all of the excuses came:

-I've never been on the radio before
-I'm way too shy to be on the radio
-I don't have a big music library
-What will my friends think of me?
-I don't have enough time
-I don't have enough knowledge
-and finally, who's going to listen to me on the radio? I certainly wouldn't.

And those were only a few of the excuses I used.

Now while temporarily I was off the hook, I could not shake that conversation from my mind. For the rest of the summer and into the fall I felt really challenged to do something about it.

So I thought and prayed and thought and prayed some more until finally I committed to do a four hour show that would air on CHIM in Timmins on Saturday nights.

Once I took that little step of faith, boy was I scared. Thankfully I wasn't going to be doing the radio show live, but I still had never been on the air before and I had no idea how to use any of the equipment. I didn't have enough music to fill a four hour show and the thought of delivering a devotional terrified me. I mean, ask anyone who knew me then what the definition of shy would be and they would quickly say "Kristen". But I kept feeling that this was what God wanted me to do, so I pressed on.

The first show was aired on the last weekend of November in 2001 and to be honest, it was awful. The microphone picked up all kind of interference and it sounded like I was broadcasting from the middle of a field during a hurricane. When I heard myself on the air I was so embarrassed that I wanted to quit right then and there, but I couldn't.

So I pressed on, but it wasn't easy. There were technical problems. I received absolutely no feedback- even when I ran contests no one entered. It was really hard for me to find the time to put the show together. Basically it wasn't long before I was both completely discouraged and very frustrated. So many times during that first year especially I wanted to quit.

At one point I had finally gotten my first artist interview and that really excited me and I thought that finally things would turn around, so I told everyone I knew about the interview and everyone promised to tune in. Imagine my extreme disappointment when accidentally the radio show started too early and everyone made me out to be a liar when they tuned in only to find no artist interview.

After that incident I said "okay that's it!" and prepared to quit. Since it was a volunteer position and I didn't think anyone was listening anyways I didn't feel bad about resigning. That is, until I prayed about it. As much as I tried to wrestle with God, His answer was no, so I unhappily kept going.

Praise God that He knows our future and what's best for us because looking back, I am so thankful that He didn't let me quit because shortly after that incident things started to turn around.

First of all, God provided a computer for me which meant that I could do the radio show out of my home. Then God lined it up for me to be provided with the needed software to package the show as an mp3 file, this meant that not only could the station here in Timmins play it, but others as well.

So first the other CHIM stations across Canada began airing the radio show and I was absolutely blown away when in September of 2003, the doors where opened for the MAD Christian Radio Show to become syndicated, meaning the program was not only played on one specific station, but on many.

Not expecting much, I made arrangements to get a website where stations could download the show from and put up a notice that it was available free of charge for any station that wanted to air it.

Well less than two weeks later WZFR from Atwood, Kentucky aired the radio show for the first time. A few days later a Christian rock network from Michigan also started to air the program. Then a station from Indiana contacted me out of the blue and requested the show for their station. Then right before Christmas a network from Oregon also requested permission to air the MAD Christian Radio Show.

Today the radio show is played on 59 stations worldwide and in September 2004 it was honored as the Modern Rock Radio Show of the year in the American Christian Music Awards, then in the next years awards it won the Favorite Non-Commercial Syndicated Show award. But those things arenít whatís important about it. Whatís important is that God is using the program to touch and change lives around the globe.

Now Iím not here to blow my own horn or say that Iíve got it all together, because nothing could be further from the truth. Iím very much aware of that fact that God could have used someone else to do the radio show. There are many people out there who are much better DJís than I am and there are much better producers, but for some reason God choose me and that fact allows me to keep the focus on Him. Because the Making A Difference Christian Radio Show is His- I just try not to get in the way.

I am here today however, to share my little story in the hope that it encourages you to allow God to use you in some way, shape or form.

No matter what anyone else tells you, God has a special plan for your life and He wants to use you in ways that you canít even imagine. When I started the radio show I had no idea that it would go this far, but it has and it has changed the entire direction of my life. Before doing this I didn't know where I was going in life or what I was going to do, but all of that has changed. I have a future in Christian radio and it is the thing that I am the most passionate about besides God. And in just a few weeks time my first book is going to be in stores, a result of many Impact Devotionals written and delivered. God has completely changed the course of my life and He has used me in ways that I could have never dreamed of. And the best part about it is: God wants to do the same thing in your life if you allow Him to.

There is a lost and hurting world out there and God wants to use everyone of us to further His kingdom. Right now you may have a dream deep down inside of you that seems huge- that is no accident. God created us and He wants us to dream big because with Him, nothing is impossible.

So today I share my story with you and I praise God for using imperfect people to accomplish His perfect will. And today I plead with you to take that step of faith that you know you need to take. The Christian life was not meant to be lived on the sidelines watching everyone else take part. God wants us to be in center field. And yes, that means a little effort on our part, but the rewards are enormous!

Let's pray,

Father I thank you for these amazing five years and I praise You for the way that You have used this radio show. And right now Lord I pray that You would inspire everyone who is listening to pursue the plans that You have for them and to take those steps of faith that they need to take. Father use us all to reach this world with the love and hope that is found in Jesus Christ.

All glory to you, today and forever! Amen.

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This devotional was aired as a part of the Making A Difference Christian Radio Show.