The Unseen Epidemic

By: Kristen L. McNulty

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There is an unseen epidemic that is taking over our generation. We are a generation of teens who would like to claim they are Christians based on their parent's faith. As a result, there are many so called Christians out there that are not living the life.

As part of this week's impact devotional, I'm going to read out a poem that describes this situation.

Fake smiles worn on Sunday
but what happens every other day?
Closed our minds, hearts and souls to true Christianity
Why is it our generation fails to see
It's real life, real choices, real consequences
It's not a game, but a choice they've made

"Don't want to live for God, hey that's not for me
By that's something's I don't want the folks at church to see
Put on my mask as I play church
Go along with worship while my heart is dirt
When my conscience asks what happens if I die today
My mind tells it my ways already been paid
You see my Dad is on the deacon board
Our entire family line has gone before
Somehow that has to count for me
I guess my genetics is what God should see."

This epidemic is spreading across this generation,
Grandchildren of God, that's the new position.

"Why should I live for God today
My morals would just get in the way
You see it's fun to play this little game we've made
As long as the church leaders look the other way
I wouldn't want to cause my family shame
So sit back and pretend you don't see
This two-faced demon that's take over me."

Our church should be sick of seeing these little games
Volunteering on a board shouldn't make our lifestyles okay
It's time we started looking at the heart
Since that's the place the change should start
Let's not sell out to something less that pure
We all make mistakes but often reoccurrences shouldn't be sure
Let's take up our cross and follow Christ
Give up the lies, hypocrisy, and strife
Since that's the way to eternal life.

I believe that this poem is pretty accurate. I'm not trying to be pessimistic, but there are many youth in our generation who are not living for God. Yes, there are lots of "on-fire" teens, but there are also many who would like to inherit heaven from their parents. That's not the way it's supposed to work. Nowhere in the Bible does God call anyone His grandchild. We are all His children. We cannot claim relation to God because our parents, friends, brothers, or sisters are Christians. We must make the decision and follow the lifestyle for ourselves.

If you've never made the decision to follow Christ on your own, I encourage you to do so today. The Bible says today is the day of salvation. Don't wait for tomorrow. If you would like to commit your life to Jesus Christ, or just confirm your commitment, pray with me:
Lord Jesus,
I know that I am a sinner and that you died for my sins. I accept your gift of forgiveness and ask you to come into my heart and make it new. Place your spirit in me and help me to walk according to your ways.
In your name I pray.
If you've prayed that prayer for me, congratulations, heaven's having a party because the Bible says all of heaven rejoices when one sinner repents.

But this prayer isn't the end of your journey, rather the beginning of a new one. If you'd like to find out more about this journey, please call 1-888-need-him or email

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