Dwight Like Commitment

By: Kristen L. McNulty

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I'll admit that I'm new to this whole "The Office" phenomenon. In fact, even though I've only seen a couple of episodes, it hasn't taken me long to become fascinated by the character of Dwight Shrute. While he would have us believe that his title is Assistant Regional Manager, his real role in the office is Assistant to the Regional Manager. And while the others in the office, except for the boss, view the company as an unpleasant stop on their destination to something greater, to Dwight the office is his life and he takes his loyalty to the company and especially his boss Michael very seriously.

In fact, Dwight is willing to do anything or be anything just in the hopes that it might please Michael. In one episode he runs into a burning building to get Michael's cell phone, only to later find out Michael had it on him the whole time. In another he rushes out to pick up Michael and in the rush, crashes his car and is seriously injured, yet Dwight keeps going. In the meantime not getting any gratitude from Michael or his fellow co-workers for his efforts.

Now while Dwight's loyalties might be misplaced because of his insecurities, you have to admire the guy for trying. I mean he gives everything and gets nothing and yet he still keeps trying. While you and I get everything from Someone and how often does it happen that we are not willing to give even a little back?

Somehow with the passing of time, Christians have become convinced that we have somehow deserved and earned the right to a comfortable life. One where our loyalty to God doesn't interfere with our agenda and we can take as much as we want, all while giving back very little.

If we look in the Bible we can see that this isn't the type of Christian life that the heroes of the faith lived. David, Paul, Elijah, Esther, Joseph, Stephen, John, the list goes on of names of those who followed Christ, yet didn't have an easy and comfortable life. In fact, if you look closely at the lives of some of the greatest Bible heroes, you'll probably find that those who did the most were comfortable the least.

Salvation came with a price that Jesus went great lengths to pay. And while we're promised an eternity free from pain and suffering, we've still got a job to do here on this earth. It will be messy at times and yes, we're going to get uncomfortable. But if our loyalty through times of pain and suffering is all that we can do to show gratitude for what was done for us, that is a very small price to pay.

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