Do Something- Anything!

By: Kristen L. McNulty

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As I was watching the news, seeing the pictures flash across the screen from the devastation in Louisiana and Mississippi, I was in shock. It didnít seem like it could possibly be real, and I imagine many of the residents there feel the same way.

But there is a big difference between myself and those residing in those states. My life will go on. Sure the images will stick with me for a while. Iíll pray, send what I can, but it wonít be long before I forget. They, on the other hand, will always remember.

For many people, it was the same thing with the tsunami. Here we are not even a year later, and itís quite likely that the average person living outside of Asia can go for at least a week without even thinking about the tragedy. Itís been estimated that more than 200,000 people died. People are still dying from the effects of the tsunami, yet we can easily pass time without even bothering to think about it.

Iím not trying to stereotype here. I know there are many amazing people out there who not only think about these things, but actually do something about them. If thatís you, you have my greatest respectóknow that this article isnít for you. Itís for those of us who are still weighed down by our complacency.

In this past year, weíve seen several natural disasters strike parts of this world, causing amounts of devastation that canít even be imagined. The question that I am asking myself and want to ask you is this: What are we doing about it? Itís easy to get caught up in the hype that immediately follows a disaster and, because of the constant reminders on TV, remember to pray and give. But what happens when the newscasters find a better story? What happens to the people who still havenít gotten back on their feet? The world may focus on different events, but those people are still there needing our help and our prayers. So what are we doing about it?

If youíre anything like myself, you probably answer that question with another: What can I do? Itís easy to feel overwhelmed and under-qualified when facing a problem of that magnitude, but the truth is we all can do something.

Iíve been reminded of that yet again as Iíve watched a team from my church prepare to go on a missions trip. These are average people who feel called to do something, so they are going to a poverty-stricken country to lend a hand where they can. In doing so, they are being the hands and feet of Jesus.

There are others who canít go themselves but make the effort to put a bit of money aside each week to support those who can. Then there are those who spend hours on their knees, lifting up the need to God and lending support in prayer to those He sends to help. We can all do something.

Reading through the Gospels, we see that Jesus was very much a man of action. Yes, He did a lot of talking, but He didnít leave it with words. He went out of His way to meet the needs of people, whether that was walking a few miles out of the way to meet a Samaritan woman or putting His teaching on hold to feed a crowd. Jesus didnít just talkóHe did. And being His followers, we are expected to do the same.

So do somethingóanything. Whether that means packing up and going to Louisiana to help or sending money to the tsunami victims or even helping your neighbor buy some groceries ... it doesnít matter the task, it doesnít matter the size. What matters is that the people of God are doing something and that their hearts are pure. Thatís Christianity, and thatís what the world needs more than anything.

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