It's Time For Action

By: Kristen L. McNulty

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If there is one message I could convey to you during these devotionals, it would be the message that we need to step out of our complacency and onto the playing field.
It will never cease to amaze me how we Christians will stand by and do nothing about social change, yet constantly complain from both the pulpit and the pew on our society's shortcomings. For some reason, we think that Christians shouldn't be involved in politics.
That's not the way Jesus felt. Jesus often debated with the Pharisees and He spoke out when He saw things that needed change. Also, the apostle Paul, on many occasions, spoke before those in authority and used his Roman citizenship as an argument against those who tried to stop his ministry. Jesus also commanded Christians to be the salt and light of the world. They key purpose of salt in new Testimate times was to preserve. As Christians we are the salt of the earth when we do our part to preserve Godly morals and leadership in our country. We are the light of the earth when we do so with grace, love and mercy just as Jesus would have.
If we want change to occur in our society, then we must step out of the pews and go into the world and make it happen. Now I'm not talking about conforming or compromise. I'm talking about standing up and taking action. Not street corner rallies or public condemnation, but Biblical approach to change.
When Esther from Biblical times wanted to speak up on behalf of her people, she didn't rant and rave in public calling the King godless. She didn't even attack those who were opposing her and the Jewish people. Rather, she asked her people to fast and pray, then she approached the King and asked him to spare the lives of her people. So the people fasted and prayed, and Esther approached the King. And guess what? The law was reversed and the Jewish people were saved.
Saying that then, don't you think it's time for a change in the way we do things? We aren't going to promote or encourage chance by bashing those who don't share the same convictions as we do, nor are we going to make a difference if we plant ourselves away from the political arena. Real change will come when we stand up instead of sitting down and we do something instead of complaining or even worse not caring.
Get involved. Run from office. Write a letter. Make a phone call. Type an e-mail. Start a petition. Pray. Things won't change if Christians keep silent and let the world do the talking. But remember, we must do it in a Biblical way.
So many times the Christians that do stand up are in Ravi Zacharesis words, the ones who end up generating more heat than light. We need to be the salt and light of the earth while still making our voices heard. But as Charles Colson said:
"Christians have not done a particularly good job at this task (i.e., political involvement). Often they have terrified their secular neighbors, who see Christian political activists as either backwoods bigots or religious ayatollahs attempting to assault them with Bible verses or religious magisteriums. In a pluralistic society it is not only wrong but unwise for Christians to shake their Bibles and arrogantly assert that 'God says . . . ' That is the quickest way for Christians, a distinct minority in civil affairs, to lose their case altogether. Instead, positions should be argued on their merits. If the case is sound, a majority can be persuaded; that's the way democracies and free nations are supposed to work."

This means not attacking individuals or even their convictions, but letting our politicians know our opinions and asking for change. You may think nothing you will do will make a difference, but you're wrong. Politicians are voted into office by the majority, not the minority and they know that. If every Christian out there called their local member of parliament and let them know their opinion on outstanding issues, then things would change.
It's time for us to get involved. Although we should never abandon the Great Commission in order to assert some political gain, we should be spending time preserving what little morality our country has left.
This week I want to make a challenge to you. There are many issues that are facing our country that need to be covered in prayer and need to be debated. We cannot count on someone else to do what we should be doing. So you, here and now, who are listening to this. Get out there and make a difference. Watch the newspapers, be aware of what is going on around you and if you see something that is wrong and needs changing, don't wait for someone else to do something, you do it. Write a letter, make a phone call, and most importantly pray. If every person listening right now would commit even five minutes a day to pray for our country, imagine what could happen!
So why don't you join me in making a commitment to pray for Canada? We have been blessed to live in a country with so many freedoms, let's never take that for granted. Let's be thankful and mindful at the same time and make a difference.

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